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justawful 90 ( +1 | -1 )
The Value of a Name I saw a website the other day offering for sale a Bobby Fischer autograph from the 1972 World Championship match. Price ......$2,999.00. I assumed their thinking was that if they asked $3,000.00 nobody would buy it lol. But I was wondering.... would a Fischer autograph from 1972 be worth more than one from 2007? Would there even be a chess player out there that would pay that kind of sum for such a thing? With Fischer's popularity decline of recent years does his signature price also decline? As much as I am skeptical of "any" purported autograph, there are some that I would love to have if the price was right. Perhaps a hundred bucks for an original Capablanca with the inscription "To my good friend and tough opponent .... with a Queen and Rook handicap ...... Jim. Your friend Jose. In Spanish of course.

Some other favorites?
ccmcacollister 165 ( +1 | -1 )
It seems to me ... Yes, it would. And that the circumstances of a/the signature could play a big part in its value, justawful . But I am no expert on the matter, so just my own opinions:
For instance, I would imagine that the signed scoresheet from the match winning game of the first Fischer-Spassky match might have a lot of value to collectors and more than any off-the-cuff Fischer signature, regardless of the year. Perhaps tho, the timing would also be a factor. Such as one obtained during that match, in general, may have more value than the usual. Or also one that involved some special circumstance. Perhaps his first tournament scoresheet signed. Or winning game of the undefeated US Open victory. Or perhaps if there was one on any contract(s) during the WC. Or as you say, perhaps if there were one saying something like "To Anatoly, with love ... enjoy being WC now that I've gone" ??! :)
I would really enjoy having a signature of H.N. Pillsbury from his first tournament victory at Hastings! That would be the most personally prized to me. Tho there are many other GM's whose autograph would be great to have. (Tho I think probably not $2999.00 worth of Great~! ... Maybe $2999.95 ?! :)
That is what I'd like to hear about from other players, is what signature they would most enjoy having ? So hope some will share that with us.


Also wonder if perhaps there is any source out there which appraises such things as GM signatures aor other Chess items aor memorabilia ? Or serves as a WANTED listings for such things?
wschmidt 26 ( +1 | -1 )
There's a listing on Ebay right now for Fischer's chess book collection - the one he left in storage and then didn't pay the monthly fee when he left the country. It looks genuine, with a number of his notes and annotations and a first draft of "My 60". Starting bid is $15,000, and you can get it at the "Buy it Now" price of $30,000.

Craig, you want to go in together?
ccmcacollister 57 ( +1 | -1 )
Walt ... I might be able to scrape up the Sales Tax on that one ... as long as it is U.S.~!? Tho I hear from Bobby J. that the real cream of his collection was over a Million $$ worth of comic books from Mexico, I believe it was. (not joking!), which he said they 'collected'
(my emphasis) from him~!
If I cannot get a Pillsbury signature, I'd really like to have that board that some noncomposmentis got signed by Kasparov, then whopped him on the head with~?! I've got nothing against Kaspy, just seems to be a unique item, you know?! Did that whopper ever go to jail?!
ccmcacollister 3 ( +1 | -1 )
BTW .... that wasn't Nigel, was it ?!? }8-))